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Compare Electric provides the best options for securing the right energy rates to meet your needs. Using our bargaining power, we secure the most competitive electric rates from dependable electricity providers to meet our clients’ needs. With thousands of electricity plans we can save the average homeowner hundreds of dollars.

Our clients have access to negotiated rates which can reduce a homeowner’s energy bill by 20% to 30%. With a 20% savings, a home using 3000 KWH per month could save $100 per month, or $1200 annually.

With more than 50 years of combined service, we serve more homeowners associations and their management companies than any other firm.

Access the best rates

Complete the form on Shop for Energy with usage information from your most recent bill and our database will access the thousands of electricity plans to find the cheapest rate and calculate your potential savings. The process is safe as no social security or driver’s license number is required to find the best rate for you.

Kilowatt Partners’ agreements with multiple retail electric providers (“REPs) provide our clients access to the best, and often unpublished, rates available. We have access to thousands of electricity plans and can find the plan that best fits your usage data. That means with us you can save hundreds of dollars every year.

What our customers are saying

Sherri Schmoekel, PCAM
SBB Management

“Many of our associations have worked with you to select new energy providers and those associations are estimated to save over $220,000 over the course of their new contracts.  These savings are greatly appreciated by our associations as most of them are trying to stretch every dollar they can in this economy.

You’ve made a believer out of SBB.  Please keep up the good work!”

Terms of service

Company foundation and our first steps

We have got the first projects in 2006. The local government asked us to redesign the public library due to the modern tendency.
Since that time, after that project, we decided to take into work only the big projects. The reason is professional growth across the non-standard solution for any degree of complexity.

Team and leadership

We are a professional team of engineers with more than 500 incredible projects under our belt. That is why we are not afraid of new courageous ideas in the unknown area. Big spaces are our priority.
We use only modern materials, ecological wood and the last building methods in our projects. A lot of projects around the world and in difficult places. Get ready to use practice solution in the stylish designs.

Robert Howard

Engineering for general planing for wooden rooms.


Taylor Wilson

Engineering for general planing for wooden rooms.


Luis Maxwell

Engineering for general planing for wooden rooms.


Ken Ferguson

Engineering for general planing for wooden rooms.


Edward Elliott

Engineering for general planing for wooden rooms.


Josh Wagner

Engineering for general planing for wooden rooms.